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Student of the Month: February 2020

Meet Dakar!

She is a wonderful Senegal parrot who is a patient at the Medical Center for Birds and loves to come to "Foraging Camp," otherwise known as Boarding with Training.

When I first met Dakar she was very nervous with new people. Hesitant to step up, reluctant to take treats or leave her cage to hang out with staff.

Dakar also was working through some feather damaging behavior (FDB). With a lot of hard work from Mom, Dakar has excelled at foraging and shredding, which act as DRI/DRA (differential reinforcement of incompatible/alternative behaviors). Basically, we are making foraging and shredding MORE reinforcing than chewing her feathers. Dakar eats all of her pellets and treats in foraging and has mastered many different foraging tasks like the wheel, ghosties, Dixie cups, paper bags, treasure chest and so much more! Occasionally Dakar might chew a few feathers, which is common as many birds will wax and wane with FDB. The big picture is that Dakar is happy and healthy!

Dakar is very friendly and adventurous when she visits us at MCFB and has recently been promoted to Foraging Supervisor, a job which she takes very seriously! While boarding she enjoys training and has learned how to wave, shake hands, and is working on harness training as well!

Want to submit your bird for Student of the Month? Would you like to find out more about the Medical Center for Bird's Boarding with Training? Email us!

Thanks for reading, Happy Training!

Melody Hennigh, RVT, KPA CTP

Busy Beaks Academy

Medical Center for Birds

Take it away, Dakar!!!

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