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Trick or Treat! DIY Guide to Spooky Foraging

During the holidays we can find tons of fun, themed foraging materials around every corner!

Let's get started!


We'll start off with our "ghostie" foragers, which are one of my favorite foragers to introduce to birds who are new to foraging! Start by getting some paper towels and your birds favorite treats. You might want to cut your paper towels into small squares if your bird is on the smaller side!

Next, simply place a few treats in the middle of the square and twist the paper towel around, forming a ghost!

You can use tape to secure the neck of the ghosties and keep the goodies inside, or just stick them through the cage bars! Add a "starter hole" by ripping a hole in the ghostie to give your birds a head start!

Safety Tip: Masking tape and painter's tape are the safest (in my opinion) in regards to how sticky the tape is if a bird was to get some in its feathers.

Next, Trick or Treat bags! 

You will need paper bags like these found at the craft store, shredded paper, and some toys and treats to fill up the bag.

This shredded paper is from the craft store but we normally recycle from our paper shredder machine! 

Cut small holes in the bag so it is easier to pull out the shredded paper and goodies. I tried to make mine look like a Jack-o-lantern!

The fun part is stuffing your goodie bags! I filled mine with a nutriberry, a toy straw, shredded paper, and an almond wrapped in a cupcake wrapper so it looks like a candy.

Safety Tip: Cut the handles of the bag so your bird won't get entangled in the loop. Leave the remaining long to tie to the cage or a playstand or cut short if you won't be tying it up.