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Welcome to our Beak Blog, a blog covering all the feathery goodness that we bird nerds love!

Do you have a parrot? Been itching to put their new harness on and go for a stroll? Problems with barbering feathers? Maybe you've been meaning to brush up on foraging skills? As a parrot parent, the list of "problem" behaviors and things we want to do with our feathered kids can be daunting. (Fun Fact: My flock includes an amazon and a budgie who have a history of lunging, flying and biting people. More posts about my beloved birds and our training strategies to come, but know that you are not alone!).

Take it from my Alexandrian Parakeet, Lou, "It's OK!" He'll remind you if you forget (he says it all day, haha).

My goal for this blog, and Busy Beaks Academy, is to provide you and your birds with a fun environment to learn and grow together! So, give yourself a pat on the back (or peanut, whatever you find reinforcing). Remember that we are ALL brave learners, people and birds alike (thank you, Sarah Owings!) .

Thank you for visiting the Beak Blog, stay tuned for more posts!

Happy Training,

Melody Hennigh, RVT, KPA CTP

Busy Beaks Academy

Medical Center for Birds

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